Month: August 2017

Minneriya/ Habarana

Minneriya’s tank is the reason why elephants head here in the dry season after the monsoon has finished. This National Park and Kaudulla are linked by a corridor which benefits both parks. There is forest, scrub, grassland and rocky outcrops, home to many mammals including the highest concentration of elephants in Sri Lanka. The dry [Continue]

Elephants-Human Conflict

Human conflict is nothing new. Elephant habit has been lost over the years because of the need for land for cultivation. The reservoirs that were built in the dry zone a century ago transformed land. Agriculture expanded and that process has been ongoing. The result is that the elephant population has become fragmented within the [Continue]

Elephants and Sri Lankan Culture

The power of the elephants and is susceptibility to learning made the elephant an excellent ‘workhorse’ for Man and over the years it has been used extensively on various projects. It has also resulted in its use in religious processions and nothing illustrates this better than the Kandy Esala Perahera in July or August each [Continue]

Types of Elepahnts

Back in prehistoric times there were in fact 350 different species of elephants; there are now just two, African and Asian, but within the two there are different types, 2 in Africa, 3 in Asia. In Africa the Savannah Elephant is far larger than the Forest Elephant, four metres and seven tonnes is perfectly possible [Continue]


The prime function of Udawalawe Elephant Transit Home within the National Park is to take in. rehabilitate and release elephants back into the wild. Elephants do remain an endangered species and this facility that was founded by the Department of Wildlife Conservation in 1995. Once calves are five years old they can be released with [Continue]

Wasgmuwa National Park

Wasgamuwa in Central Province 225 km from Colombo is known for its large elephant herds. It became a National Park in 1984 having been a nature reserve for some years previously. The driest period in the Park are between July and September. There is forest and grassland and some elevation. There are 150 elephants which [Continue]

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