We love the elephant. Our aim is to teach you more about the Sri Lankan elephant, a worker, a companion, sometimes a potential enemy but certainly a tourist attraction. It is an integral part of the Island! There was a time when the population roamed freely around the Island, whatever the vegetation. They moved for water and still do.
Read on and you will learn more, and hopefully that will inspire you to visit the wonderful island of Sri Lanka and its elephants.

The end of conflict opened up areas where visitors had been absent for years. During that time some of the elephant population had suffered as well but the recent census suggests that the good work of the Department of Wildlife Conservation is paying dividends.
Everyone is striving to strike a balance between the needs of the people and the preservation of a natural environment that helps the elephant to prosper.

The website has a brief outline of the National Parks where visitors ought to be able to see elephants in their natural surroundings. Our picture gallery will show you the sights you should be able to observe and the video gallery reinforces that.
Everyone can help conservation by promoting species. Our favorite is the elephant; if it is yours then come to see it.


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