Image CourtesyAmila Tennakoon


If you are planning to see lot of elephants at one place, this would not be the ideal place. Bundala is famous for wintering ground for migratory water birds. So you can see lot of birds here and few elephants too. It has an average relative humidity of 80% meaning that it has dry zone climate. Bundala is situated in Hambanthota District, 251 Km away from the capital.

Bundala Park contains five shallow, brackish lagoons with salt pans in three. Bundala park has a small population of elephants that varies between 25 and 60 depending on the season. It’s a home for 142 local species of birds and 58 species of migratory birds. Highest number of immigrant birds are reported in September and March. Apart from the elephants and the birds, you could also see 32 species of mammals including civets, Grey & Ruddy mongoose, porcupine, giant Indian palm squirrels, black-naped hares, Spotted Deer, Wild buffalo, wild boars.